I-20 Gallery is pleased to present SHALLOW, a group exhibition curated by artist Stefan Brüggemann and featuring new works by Pierre Bismuth, Stefan Brüggemann, Martin Creed, Miltos Manetas and Malcolm McLaren.

In SHALLOW, four artists join Brüggemann in challenging his thoughts on the concept of speed thinking and the acceleration of ideas. Through five different media, the selected artists’ works read and react within the boundaries of hyper-contemporary culture. A work like Brüggemann’s vinyl text, which reads “FROM ANYTHING TO ANYTHING IN NO TIME” opens the door to considering other works such as Bismuth’s circle-pierced wall installation “SOMETHING LESS, SOMETHING MORE” and Martin Creed’s shallow-planed work on A4 paper. McLaren, best known as founder of the Sex Pistols and for his collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, shows his creative range through a number of works, including an intriguing collection of videos that he calls “musical paintings”. Also included will be a website created by Miltos Manetas, founder of the group and web art movement entitled Neen. Through this exhibition, a new roundtable discussion ignites between five highly experimental artists now on the international scene.

About the show, Brüggemann says, The modern obsession with time no longer has a concrete form; it exists in the sphere of work generated, as this association between time and efficiency/output is the criteria of productivity. Work, in the society of our time, is increasingly seen as a major preoccupation, one in which greater pressure on time is exerted in an increasingly expanding way.”

The exhibition will include installations, paintings, drawings, sculpture and film. A catalogue will also be published.

Pierre Bismuth, born in 1963 in Paris, lives and works in Brussels and London. He is an Oscar winner for his screenplay Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Recent venues include Team Gallery and Mary Boone, 2007; Cosmic Galerie, Paris, 2005; and the Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland (cat.), 2005. His work appeared in Message Personnel at Yvon Lambert, Paris, and I Love My Scene (curated by Jose Freire) at Mary Boone, 2006.

Stefan Brüggemann, born in 1975 in Mexico City, lives and works in Mexico City and London. Recent solo exhibitions include Obliteration Series at Blow de la Barra Gallery, London (2007) and at I-20 Gallery (2006), and NO at Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City (2006). His work was recently featured in exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.  In 2008, he will have two solo exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland.

Martin Creed, born in 1968 in Wakefield, England, lives and works in London and in Italy. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Hauser & Wirth Coppermill, London in 2007; The Wrong Gallery at the Tate Modern in 2006; and a solo show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in 2005.  In 2001, Creed won the Turner Prize for the piece Work No. 227, the lights going on and off. The artist also founded and performs with the band Owada, which has had a concert at the Tate Modern.

Miltos Manetas, born in 1964 in Greece, lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include The Internet Paintings at Blow de la Barra, London, 2007; Dogs and Cables at Yvon Lambert, New York, 2006; Feelings at Galleria Pack, Milan, 2006; and Neen at Gagosian Gallery in 2000. The artist’s works were also featured in shows such as Superneen at Galleria Pack, Milan in 2006, and Electroscape at the Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai in 2005.

Malcolm McLaren, founder of the Sex Pistols, was born in 1946 in London and currently lives and works in Paris and New York. In 2007, the artist was invited to speak at Art Basel in the Conversations lecture series on Punk and contemporary art. McLaren is on the board of directors of Phillips de Pury. McLaren’s Sex and Seditionaries clothing series (originally conceived during his partnership with Vivienne Westwood) was recently exhibited in the Anglomania show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2006. Upcoming projects include the development of a stage musical about fashion.