I-20 is pleased to present the second solo exhibition by Guadalajara-based artist Gonzalo Lebrija.

His works are currently on view at the Jumex Collection in Mexico City, and he had a recent solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Carillo Gil (MACG).  Lebrija and artist José Dávila will be presenting their outdoor sculpture, El Mundo de Ayer, which was first shown at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City, for the Voltashow03 in Basel during June 11-16.

Lebrija’s work addresses power structures, figures of authority, and established hierarchies in Mexico that are relevant to societies elsewhere.  Central to this theme is the main work in this exhibition, Chivastar (2007). The work was made right after the first of the year when Lebrija was asked to photograph the Chivas, who are the country’s most popular football team and the artist’s favorite. In Lebrija’s work, the players and their coaches, executives and owners are closely guarded by the Mexican military.

In another set of photographs, Playing High (2005), a group of lawyers in Guadalajara pose in a wood-paneled executive board room, as if in a Baroque bureaucracy, and appear to evaluate a paper airplane and whether it will take flight.

A third work is the video Asterión (2006). In this video a slim athletic businessman with an Armani suit, tie and briefcase attempts to ride a bull.  The work is graceful, slow and steamy until the very end, when he finally comes undone.

Gonzalo Lebrija’s most recent group shows include Eco, Mexico at the Centro Reina Sofia, Madrid; Business Class, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de la Universidad de Chile, Santiago; Spanish as a Global Language, the Cervantes Institute, New York; and Desolado, National Art Museum of China, Beijing. Lebrija was born in Mexico City in 1972, and received his BFA at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente ITESO, Guadalajara.  He is co-founder and director of Oficina Para Proyectos de Arte (OPA), a non-profit exhibition space in Guadalajara.