SARABIA_Preview Image_WEB 2006

Born and raised in Los Angeles and currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico since 2003, Eduardo Sarabia is highly influenced by the intricate poetics of the black market and northern Mexican folklore. His current work creates romantic visual narratives in regards to illegal matter, fine arts and commerce.

Sarabia’s third solo exhibition at I-20 will present a diverse collection of handmade items inserted in a blurred environment that slips between the oneiric and the openly materialistic. Ceramics, glass multiples, custom made furniture, a large hand-woven textile and several paintings and drawings will be on display.

Continuing a line of work started in Mexico that involves the production of ceramics and its imaginary contraband, in this show Sarabia will realize his dream of having a tequila bottle branded after his name.  Fulfilling this premise, the artist will install a group of works including bottles, labels, printed boxes, ceramic tops and crates, creating a disquieting scenario in which this pseudo-product will question the relationships between fine arts and micro-industrial production.

Sarabia’s recent installation, “A thin line between love and hate,” was seen in the I-20 stand at Art Nova, Art Basel Miami Beach.  His work was also shown in “Poles Apart Poles Together,” curated by Juan Puntes and Doron Polak, at the 51st Venice Biennale.

Sarabia’s solo shows include the Santa Monica Museum of Art; 4F Gallery, Los Angeles; and Sutton Lane, London. His work has been included in the Prague Biennale 1; “Harlem Postcards” at The Studio Museum in Harlem; “Tekhne: Ancestral Techniques and Contemporary Practices in the SURO workshop of Tlaquepaque,” at the Buena Vista Building for Art Basel Miami 2003; “Liz Craft, Pentti Monkonnen Eduardo Sarabia and Eric Wesley, “Oficina para Proyectos de Arte (OPA) in Guadalajara; and “Works for Giovanni,” China Art Objects, Los Angeles.  Sarabia received his BFA at the Otis College of Art and Design in LA.

In the summer of 2006 in Berlin during the World Cup of Soccer, Sarabia and artist Jose Davila will open El Güero Palma, a Mexican cantina and visual art projects space.

On Saturday, March 4th, an invitational project by I-20 will open at 529 West 20th Street.  The group exhibition titled KLF is organized by Michael Janssen Gallery, Cologne; Dogenhaus Gallery, Leipzig; and Voges + Partner, Frankfurt.