Andisheh Avini

I-20 is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of new works by Andisheh Avini, his third solo show at the gallery.

This exhibition develops many of the rich themes that Avini explores: namely, death motifs, Persian and near eastern visual culture and the silhouette.  Avini expands on these subjects through the use of new materials for him, including the overwhelming and painstaking imagery of all-over inlay or collage.

One sculpture of decoupage is a life-size skeleton covered in tiny scenes and figures cut out from reproductions of middle-eastern paintings or miniatures.  Rather than obscuring the form, Avini seeks to suffocate this symbol of death through an indiscriminate invasion of images. Disembodied skulls are also present, but as marquetry,or intricately inlaid pieces of colored wood and other materials.  The jewel-like colors and density of the design envelops the entire skull; the patterns knit together, silencing the peculiar forms.

Avini creates another kind of ghost with bleach on canvas, a technique that he previously used to write on black canvas. Here he has bleached out the figures in Persian coffeehouse paintings. These phantom images exist in kind with his sharp silhouettes, including the suicide motif that is also rediscovered in this show. Avini creates a beautiful and eerie world where death and ancestry join in the creation of ravishing objects.

Avini’s work was recently included in The Gold Standard at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; and in Six Feet Under – Autopsie unseres Umbang mit Toten, at the Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland.  Andisheh Avini was born in 1974 and educated at Hunter College.  He lives and works in New York.